Courtney Mc Cullough. Based in LA. Model, Actress and Photographer.


10 years ago I took my first ballet class. That turned into a rigorous, weekly training schedule which eventually lead moving to London to study at a contemporary dance conservatory then finally landed me in Israel where I continued performing.

In Israel I began choreographing my first works which felt more like diary entries. I wanted to express my insecurities and frustrations with living in a complicated and foreign country so I went into the studio and created. People responded well and dancers wanted to work with me and I realized then that I loved not only the ability to construct a story onstage, but to project myself through my dancers.

Fast forward to 2012: I moved back to LA, where I grew up, and left the dance studio for good. Someone somewhere suggested I start commercial and beauty modeling, so I did, and within weeks I had a commercial agent and was attending castings. In 2 months I booked my first print job and have been working hard ever since. But a familiar feeling came over me, a feeling I had always known as a dancer: I was tired of being the puppet of someone else’s vision. Over the years I’ve worked with many fabulous art makers but I always had the feeling that I could be just as vocal with my work as they were.

And now I take photos. I discovered this year that I do not always have to be the center of attention; that it’s actually good to step back and speak through other talented individuals portraying the stories of my imagination.

I feel myself going through a personal and artistic transition, which sometimes is very hard to identify, but I feel it. My goal as both a model and photographer is to work with more women artists to create the work we want to see and to express the values and opinions that we carry in our daily experience. I don’t find much gratification in busy-ness for the sake of being busy. In fact, I rather like my television watching time! I want to expend my time and energy doing projects that nourish my mind, my soul, and sometimes when I’m lucky, my wallet.

I know I am incredibly blessed to have been given so many opportunities and I don’t want to waste any of them. I’m not a perfect person and I do sometimes take a lot for granted, not out of malice but out of naivety. This is part of my journey after all, and I am learning to find the beauty within me and around me. Everything I’ve experienced through the world of dance and show business combined with the many places I’ve traveled on this planet have influenced the person I am today.

So this, perhaps, is where my story really begins.


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